The Benefits of Hiring a Skip Bin

When most people think of hiring a skip, the justification for the cost is all centred around convenience and whilst renting a skip does save a lot of time and hassle, it’s not the only reason to hire one. In this article, we look at the numerous reasons why skip hire is most often the best option for commercial and residential refuse disposal.

So, let’s take a deeper look into why skip hire is such a good option.

Avoids Using the Local Tip

One alternative to hiring a skip is to pack up all of your waste and take it down to your local tip yourself. Going to the tip can involve a great deal of hassle, as well as cost ($425 per ton at the Hawkesbury Tip) and in addition to hitting you hard in the pocket, going to the dump yourself involves a lot more work.

You’ll have the job of loading it all into your car, unloading it and then sorting all of your waste out into the right bins at the other end. And that’s not even mentioning the mess it makes of your car.

Hiring a skip is a far easier proposition, as all you’ll have to do is load everything into the unit provided and the rest is all done for you. Whether its soil, rubble or even cardboard you’re disposing of, it’s all separated out for you and you’ll also be spared the chore of repeated car journeys to and from the tip.

Increased Recycling

The sad fact is that a significant amount of what ends up at landfill isn’t’ recycled as it should be, which is bad for the environment and ultimately bad for the planet. When you hire a skip, the overwhelming majority of the waste is taken to a waste management facility and what can be recycled, is, reducing the quantity going into landfill.

We’ve all seen the pictures of the plastic that’s clogging up the marine wildlife in our oceans. Unmanaged waste is not a problem for the future, it’s happening here and now and by using a skip instead of the local dump, you’re doing your bit.

Safer, Tidier Building Sites

Whether you run a professional construction operation or you’re just landscaping your garden, having a skip ready and available for your waste, as its produced, means that your working area can be kept much freer of debris and rubble. This not only makes for a tidier working site, but also a safer one, with much less in the way of trip hazards.

It’s Cheaper!

Hiring a skip can actually work out considerably cheaper than dumping it all yourself, without all the inconvenience of transporting your waste. This is in part due to the amount of fuel that you can end up using on the many journeys to and from the tip, as well as avoiding the steep costs you get charged for leaving your waste there.

Also, standard road cars aren’t really designed for heavy loads, so you can end up causing a great deal of cosmetic and mechanical damage by over filling your car with rubbish and depending on the type of waste, you might even be breaking the law by using it in this way too.

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